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2015.01.03 at 11:21 agorafobi/agorafobia/agoraphobia by akcg on Resonance 104.4FM in London is airing a retrospective. Tune in over the next 24 hours if you want a refresh!

12 Days of Radio Art – Mobile Radio BSP: 24 hours of the 30th São Paulo Biennial from midnight

Mobile Radio BSP at midnight is curated by Mobile Radio (Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington) who in 2012 were invited to exhibit at the 30th São Paulo Biennial. They set up the 100-day radio art station Mobile Radio BSP, designed to function in collaboration with around 40 other radio stations around the globe. The project was envisioned as an exchange portal: to find artists from South America who wanted to work with radio, and to showcase European, North American and Australasian notions of radio art in Brazil. Artists travelled from many other countries to take part. Some were international artists invited to give the programme a changing feel each week through mini-residencies. Others made their own way across the continent to join the project as it was a unique event to have a free, open and artistic radio station operating in South America, and it was valuable to be able to perform at the notable biennial.
During this 24 hour long series of extracts from Mobile Radio BSP Resonance listeners will hear some of the visiting artists in action, alongside interviews with artists conducted by Mobile Radio and their local collaborator Leandro Nerefuh. These are interspersed with experimental music performances by a few of the many musicians who contributed to Mobile Radio BSP. Featuring among numerous contributors Haco, Børre Mølstad vs Oscar Niemeyer, Anna Friz, Octopus Collective, Tehching Hsieh, Tonic Train, Markus Popp, Brandon LaBelle, Arto Lindsay and Vivian Caccuri.

Running order CET (give or take jingles):

00:00 Børre Mølstad vs Oscar Niemeyer

00:04 EDGARD by Julio de Paula

00:31 Radio Radio 4 (Henrique Iwao & Matheus Leston)

00:33 André Cepeda

01:34 Simon Foxall Escapes- Tropicalia & International Love

02:27 Os ritmos brasileiros 3

02:44 Oidaradio Sessions: Mauricio Takara

03:23 Dune o’Din by Knut Aufermann

03:33 Pipa Musical 2

04:19 Cacophonia em Movimento: Bienal

04:50 Experimentação sonora com instrumentos de ruído

04:52 Børre Mølstad solo tuba

05:23 Paisagens e Poéticas 5 – Renata Roman

06:23 Escuta do Corpo Sonoro 2 com Mirian Steinberg

06:27 Fusinato/Washington/Aufermann

07:17 CodePoema by Adriano Vilela

07:20 Pipa Musical 5

08:12 Anna Friz M.O.L.E.C.A.S.T. BSP level 1

08:36 Radio Radio 2 edit (Henrique Iwao & Marcelo Muniz)

08:40 Oidaradio Sessions: Koch/Rohrer/Gianfratti

09:30 An Audio Adventure of São Paulo with Haco

09:59 Octopus Collective: Daily Fears Digest 1

11:16 Radio Radio edit (Henrique Iwao & Aquiles Guimarães)

11:21 agorafobi/agorafobia/agoraphobia by akcg

12:14 Fernando Visockis live set

12:30 Alreves

13:22 Pipa Musical 9 edit

13:43 Os ritmos brasileiros 2

14:00 Oidaradio Sessions: Shackle

14:52 Alreves 5: Bruno Hiss

15:02 Movimento Sincopado

15:12 Lokaalraadio performance

15:42 José Barreto: non-idiomatic talking

15:46 Tehching Hsieh interview

16:08 Escuta do Corpo Sonoro com Mirian Steinberg

16:13 Børre Mølstad – scales for the masses

16:34 Lokaalraadio show 2 edit

16:37 Anna Friz M.O.L.E.C.A.S.T. BSP level 3

17:06 Akin Deckard – Feedback Session edit

17:09 Alreves 3: Menagerie

17:54 Pipa Musical 7 edit

17:58 Mobile Radio – City of Drizzle

18:50 Testemolde edit

18:53 Oval/Markus Popp interview

19:21 Oval/Markus Popp live set

19:46 The Listener’s Choir by Jörg Köppl – Part 2

20:22 Alreves 4: d_rw (edit)

20:26 Johnny Head-in-Air

20:38 Arto Lindsay & Vivian Caccuri interview

21:51 André Damião – Feed the radio back!

22:03 Oidaradio Sessions: Guilherme Granado

22:44 Lady Incentivo edit

22:48 Brandon LaBelle: Preparation for common recognition

23:12 Børre Mølstad vs Sao Paulo fire brigade

23:20 Knut Aufermann – unannounced solo

23:38 Pipa Musical

23:41 Alreves & Tonic Train – cancelled by x-mas