Mustarinda Post-Fossil Aestethics (PFA) residency

Money comes from nothing. Energy comes from something.


Titel: Mustarinda Post-Fossil Aestethics (PFA) residency

Tidpunkt: 1 – 31 oktober 2017

Plats/sammanhang: Mustarinda Association, Hyrynsalmi, Finland

Vad:Ateljéstipendium/Artists in residence

Om: Mustarinda Association har bjudit in akcg för ett ateljéstipendium med titeln Mustarinda Post-Fossil Aestethics.

Från inbjudan från Mustarinda Association:

In 2017 the Mustarinda residency focuses on post-fossil fuel experiments: becoming aware of how our lives and our capabilities to experience things are conditioned by fossil fuels and trying out how we might reach beyond their massive use. These attempts are materially supported by the residency’s solar panels, geothermal heating, compost heating, electric car and food garden.

Post-fossil transitions are underway, due to tightening climate change policies and diminishing returns in fossil fuel production. This is not only a technical matter. The ways in which humans now relate to things and other humans is made possible and governed by large quantities of easily available, good quality fossil fuels. The felt disconnection from – or victory over – the material world cannot be sustained with renewable energy only. Without the huge surplus energy from fossil fuels to which industrial countries have had access during the last 150 years or so, human practices will have to re-orientate again more closely around material flows. This does not erase the shared experiences, understandings and languages human communities had in the fossil era: obviously, we are not going and cannot go backwards in time. In the fossil era, democratic institutions and intellectual professions were established. At the same time, grand narratives, centuries old traditions and aesthetics closely tied to the materials and tools at hand were to a large degree overcome or ‘melt into air’

Before we are quite physically forced to abandon the extensive use of fossil fuels, there is a lot to do to anticipate, imagine, strategize and build the future –as opposed to following the mutations and tantrums of the current neoliberal growth model.