Multispecies Imaginaries: The Art of Living in a Contingent, Uncertain World

Multispecies Imaginaries: The Art of Living in a Contingent, Uncertain World, Lacapella, Barcelona. Curated by Christian Alonso

Work by  pluriversal radio, winter 2021/22

(a life meaningful and livable to protect and honor the source of everything: water)

Photo:Edu Pedrocchi

”In a world conditioned by economic recessions, climate collapse, viral pandemics, the rise of racism and xenophobia, and the increase in cases of gender-based violence and violence against LGTBIQ+ people, humans, animals, rivers, oil wells and mines are similarly exposed to exploitative practices through which capitalism produces value. The sense of shared vulnerability when facing common dangers can generate an interconnection between human and non-human beings, a bond that is becoming more tangible as a result of bionic prostheses, assisted-reproduction technologies, genetically modified food, and xenotransplantation. These phenomena disrupt the anthropocentric belief that we can live in isolation from the environment and show that we maintain a constitutive relationality and a consequential implication with a larger world. The precarization of life in our technologically mediated societies requires rethinking the coexistence between species, demands embracing a more transversal, relational, and affective conception of subjectivity, and encourages us to build heterogeneous communities based on common well-being. This imperative, however, implies something more than understanding that “everything is interconnected”. It involves perceiving that life is co-created by multiple spatialities, temporalities, and corporalities and then profoundly transforming our ways of being, feeling, thinking, and acting…” Curatorial statement by Christian Alonso

About pluriversal radio:

Pluriversal Radio is a collaborative practice of listening to- and sensing land and seabodies. We amplify voices of resistance to extractivism and stories about livelihoods that do not imply exploitation of other bodies (human and other-than-human). In the places Pluriversal Radio live and work, our practices are rooted in solidarity with indigenous peoples and local communities defending water, air and earth from the assault of capitalism hellbent on extracting power, work and knowledge from Nature and people without reciprocity and consent. The Radio’s collaborators are today listening and voicing within and across the colonial borders of Fennoscandia and Sámi land, Opaskwayak Cree First Nation (Turtle Island) and the division lines in the region of ex-Yugoslavia. This collaborative practice draws power from de-colonial, eco feminist, queer, anticapitalist, antifascist resistance, thinking and actions.

The workgroup are artists akcg (anna kindgren + carina gunnars) from Bergslagen, Gästrikland and Våmhus and live in Stockholm and Sörmland, Professor Alex Wilson, Neyonawak Inniniwak from Opaskwayak Cree nation, artist Elin Már Øyen Vister ( born in Oslo) working and later living in the Røst Archipelago, Nordland (Sápmi/NO) since 2010 and artist mirko nikolić born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, today lives in Stockholm.