Going places-re:thinking tourism

Installation view, The Beach, Gotlands konstmuseum 2011

Gotlands Konstmuseum

june 12–september 18 2010
Perspectives on tourism as such. Adressing questions on cultural  identity, representation and power relations.

work: 20 min hdv-film The Beach

Text about our work translated into english:

Under the beach the street?

To defend oneself against words requires time. Power of resistance. Dreams are woven. Images constructed. Monetizing is taking place.

The words “under the street the beach” were painted on the walls of buildings in Paris. It was May 3rd 1968. 37 years later an architectural firm wins a competition for housing along the shoreline in a Swedish inland city.  In the name of the winning proposal the situationist poetry is exploited.

Strips of land bordering water is often named beach, even though the aesthetics not always is tempting for exploitation in the sign of tourism.

The beach can have defenses; military, as wave breakers or the law.

Sandy beach.

Here economic interests cross.

Private. Common.


The beach is relations between complex ecologies.

Waves roll in. The oil in a petrol tank or on a stone in the beach brow?

February 2010 the municipalities give dispensation from the shore protection.

The street is covered by asphalt, it is oil. 42 years has passed.

Under the stones there was sand.

Who breaks the asphalt? Who changes the word order?


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