Konsthall C 10 years – an incomplete history

Konsthall C 10 years – an incomplete history (publication)

Konsthall C in Hökarängen has been around for over ten years. A fact that became a reason to reflect on the years and the possibility to add multiple perspectives on the story told about both Konsthall C and the area it is located in. We thought it would be interesting to try to look at Konsthall C’s activities through a grid of an era of downsizing, privatization and the sell out of common assets. What are the issues that can open to clarify areas of conflict, which can provide us with different experiences to build on? What have we learned from art? What has Konsthall C meant for the situation? We invited SIFAV (Southern Institute for Other Visions), Sofie Tornhill, Mathias Wåg and Höktidsminnen and asked them to freely write reflections based on their experiences of Konsthall C and let their thoughts dwell on the past 10 years, also with a wider gaze. They  associatively once again turned the stones and looked at the spatial, temporal and human associations.

akcg (anna Kindgren and Carina Gunnars) part of the work group at Konsthall C 2013-2014.

Cover image: When part of the work group (Karolin   Tampere, akcg(anna kindgren och carina gunnars) and Christian Malmdin, exhibition technician and host) took down a wall in the kitchen in January 2013 this plasterboard emerged. Photo akcg 2015

Images, inside cover: Anna Erlandsson: ”It was the first time we were inside the room that is now kitchen/office. It was closed through welding and a care taker, whom I can’t remember, was with me and Per to show the room.” Photo: Anna Erlandsson 2004

Konsthall C – An Incomplete History

Editors:akcg(anna kindgren and carina gunnars)


Förord akcg(anna kindgren and carina gunnars)


Konsten att sätta en plats på kartan akcg(anna kindgren and carina gunnars)


Höktidsminnen och andra berättelser Sarah Degerhammar och Mira Eklund


Hemsökelser Söderorts Institut För Andra Visioner


Gemenskaper med komplikation Sofie Tornhill


Vårdkaseaktionen Mathias Wåg


Intervju med Per Hasselberg


Karl Lydén i samtal med Kim Einarsson


Utdrag från Hökarängsarkivet


Lista över Konsthall C:s produktioner 2005 – 2015

Graphic design: Maryam Fanni

Print: Tallinna ramatutrükikoda, Tallin, 2015

With the support of Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden

ISBN 978-91-637-9680-7