Images from preparations for a workshop around our book agorafobi/agorafobia/agoraphobia at Capacete’s new space in Gloria

September 12th, 7 pm 2012

We were a group that gathered around the book and some other texts. Our intent was to focuss on language and how this is a main tool in the neoliberal toolkit. During the course of the evening we learned that in Rio de Janeiro favela is now neighbourhood. Earlier informal streets, in the favelas, named by the favelados themselves, are now re-named by the municipality, through putting up fancy street signs in, every other aspect, very rundown areas. The result is a loss of identity on the part of the favelados. From our side we gave the example of the launching of  the  right wing party in Sweden (Moderaterna) as The New Work Party for those who have work, not for the work-ers (Nya Moderaterna) and their New Speak. We could see many similarities between our localities, in this top down governmentality of confusion.